Saturday, 2 November 2013

News for Today

Contributed by: Farah Najar Arevalo    
ESIL Conference 2014 in Vienna: Call for Papers on international law and feminism:   
7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world:   
Las 50 mujeres más poderosas de México  
Ending poverty: Learning from good practices of small and marginal farmers    
Where are women on top?:

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
El Salvador: Where women may be jailed for miscarrying
[Pakistan] Equal participation: ‘Women farmers can help tackle food insecurity’

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela
Women in South Africa are living in a war zone  Tanzanian Women See Second Chance at Land Owning
Southwest Takes the Legal Battlefront on Abortion
Israeli Surf Champ Applauds Wave Riders in Gaza

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
‘I’m showing my son mercy’ (US)

Kenya teen gang rape case sparks outrage, protests

Appeals Court Blocks Abortion Access for One-Third of Texas Women (US)

OP-ED: How Women’s Rights Are Linked to U.S.-Iran Negotiations

Girls Ask Guatemalan Congress to Raise Marriage Age to 18

A growing number of Saudi men are quietly helping the campaign to allow women to drive

Germany allows 'indeterminate' gender at birth

Kana given double life sentence for Booysen's rape, murder (South Africa)

Will Afghan Women Survive in 2014? A UN Expert Relays the Fears

West Bengal: 16-year-old hearing impaired girl gang raped at wedding reception (India)

Contributed by Stephany Armas
Do Muslim Women Need Saving?  The Western crusade to rescue Muslim women has reduced them to a simplistic stereotype    
Lila Abu-Lughod: Do Muslim Women Need Saving? | Little surprise here: women expected to do more at home – and at work  A new study illuminates how 'favors' are expected of women at work, but they often go unacknowledged, keeping women down    A growing number of Saudi men are quietly helping the campaign to allow women to drive     Khmer Rouge sexual violence survivors break silence South African Anene Booysen rapist jailed for life

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