Thursday, 19 December 2013

Global Issues on Gender Rights and United States

In many countries issues of women's rights have made high concerns such as human trafficking, slavery, and forced labor a high concern for congress in the United States. In 2010, California was the first state to bring Business Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act in to action. It's a fact in the law that forced labor and slavery is the worse out of child labor.

Congress woman Carolyn Maloney who was recognized in 1992  for her roll as a national leader with extensive accomplishments on financial services, national security, the economy and women's issues. She is also the first woman to represent New York's 12th Congressional District; the first woman to represent new York's City's 7th Councilmanic district. Her work to help women motivates her to keep on going.

Not only Carolyn Maloney's roll is in history books today, but, on her activism " anti - homosexuality" that she helped to pass the law on which was placed in  Ugandan parliament . She is also a leader of organizations such as Immigration Equality, The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch, and Human Rights First, as well as Reverene Eugene Calendar who is a former longtime pastor at St. James Presbyterian.

United States concentrated on global rights and gender equality and is concentrating particularly in Afghanistan where Women's rights and gender equality less there then the states. Organizations such as  American Association of University, American Equality Rights Association, American Heritage Girls and American Women Suffrage Association are some of the women's rights organizations that promote women equality in America as off today. 

Women's Rights and gender equality is focusing more on Afghanistan women in Pakistan Global Rights opened in Morocco for their first field office in March of 200. The organization is working on urban and rural non-governmental organizations (NGO ) in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. 

By Anastasia Khramova

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