Sunday, 5 January 2014

"Bullying is not an answer!"

About 160,00 children in America miss school because of bullying. Nearly there are 2.1 million bullies and more victims ( 2.7 million ) are victims of bullying . Imagine that. Out of those 2.7 million students are physically attacked. Which is about 282,000 students that are physically attacked in schools. 

Bullying is considered as hitting, pushing, tripping, slapping, spitting, and bullying is also considered as stealing or destroying possession, including books, clothing, or even lunch money. Today, about 2.7 million's of American's are victims of bullying. About 282,00 of these American's are physically attacked in schools. These victims then become suspects in shootings such as the Nevada school shooting.
When authorities investigated the school shooting at the Sparks Middle School, took the gun from the parents and later shot him self. Federal law enforcement stated that " teachers are being trained to face school shooter. " 

I believe that these teachers should be trained to stop bullying. Maybe, they can prevent this type of bullying from creating the next victim or the next suspect for the next shooting. I think, there are some teachers out there that don't care about most students. They only care about their pay checks. I my self was bullied and I turned out not to bad.

I'm 26 years old, single, have no boyfriend but tones of friends that care and love me. That wasn't the case back then in middle school and high school. Bullying started for me in middle school. I don't know what gives others to instigate such a thing called bullying, but these kids also get it from their parents. Either their parents bullied others, and turned in to criminals or have a criminal record them selves from their own past issues, and their children tend to become just like their parents. 

These innocent victims turn out to be like the shooter in Nevada middle school shooting. Which happened on October 21st, where a student opened  fire in a middle school who killed a teacher and wounded two students. 

By Anastasia Khramova 


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    1. Hi Nathalie! This is Anastasia, the writer of the article! thank you for your comment! I shared your safe kid zone link on websites! Thank you very much for your comment! :)