Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fighting Bullying

To many freshman kids in college, it might be very exciting to become a freshman in college. The student get's to experience a new town, or their first class. Make some friends, and get to have some fun at a bar or out with their friends.  But , once you get to realize who's who in college, and if you get to meet the meanest kid in the block, or add your new friends on Face book, and that mean girl that cyber bullies every one she doesn't like, that could be a problem.

Bullying does not just happen to teens that attend, middle school, high school. It happens to adults. Adults who attend colleges or universities also believe it or not get picked on.  To those victims who tend to get bullied, might have low self esteem, come home all bruised and end up losing or come home without their lunch money or even their clothing.

I can give you an example. Tyler Clementi's sudden death that shook New Jersey state in the United States changed the governor's mind to further prevent bullying. He finally passed the "Anti - bullying law "    in 2011. PL 2010 Chapter 122 is the toughest law in the legislative history in the United  States legislature The Bullying Police in 2001 gave the anti bullying law A++ and  was finally passed after Tyler Clementi tragic death

By Anastasia Khramova

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