Thursday, 30 January 2014

News for Today

'India outrage after woman politician blames women for rape' (BBC):

'Obama to put women's issues 'front and center' in address' (CNN):

'The 2014 power women of Davos' (Forbes):

'Obama: Women deserve equal pay for equal work' (Bloomberg):

Contributed by Karol Arambula
'Republicans to women. It's not you. It's us. Honest' (Bloomberg):

'One in four Irish women don't want partners to touch some of their parts' (Independent):

'Obama: When women succeed, America succeeds' (WSJ):

'Peace talks on S. Sudan, Syria: Where are the women?' (CS Monitor):

'Sex divide: Single women in New York will soon be paying more for long-term care insurance' (NY Daily News):

'Pregnant women are doing it wrong' (The Guardian):

'Fertility 101: Study shows many women confused about reproductive health' (Fox News):

'Equality for women at Afghanistan's officer academy' (BBC):

'Rand Paul: "If there was a War on Women, I think they won"' (Real Clear Politics):

'Loose Women - can daytime TV cope with me?' (The Telegraph):

'Many women still believe baby-making myths' (Freep):

'The unbelievable idiocy of the War on Women' (National Review):

'Most women would 'knock down friends' to get to the top' (The Telegraph):

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Video: Syrian Woman Recalls Horror of Homs  France Confirms Abortion Right as Spain Pulls Back

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