Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mother Nature

When Mother Nature decides to hit, it's the most dangerous moments to live through in history. And, the most expensive. Not only , it's expensive, but, the world we live in, can cause an epidemic. Mother nature comes in small, sizes, and it happens to humans. And animals like mammals. A magnetite earth quake has hit with magnetite of 5. 7. With the depth of 9.8 km. These earthquakes create Tsunami's. And these tsunami's create flood's in places like, Hawaii, Philippine's,  and other water surrounded countries that are in danger of receiving earthquakes and the after math of an earth quake. 

I've been once told , don't play with the Ouija board. It's as real as it gets. There are many speculations that evil and spiritual creatures get released from the board. And crisis happens in the family and the town they live at. 

Earth quake report states that, in Uganda, of Gulu University, a citizen was in the fourth floor of a hotel room when he was being rescued from a shattering building . The next thing he saw was, his PC's shaking in the room. He ran to look outside to see what was happening, an earth quake. His only words that came to his mind. 

Him and other guys were hustling down the stairs immediately reached down to the ground floor. The earthquake then happened again during the day. Ntinda Kalinabiri stated that, " Even the birds in the tree outside the house were scared and made noises when long after the tremor stopped. The heaviest piece in her dining room started to shake during the earth quake. 

Another case stated that, Kampala spoke out to a reporter that  another third earthquake has happened in the past week. The experience of an earth quake has happened more than twice during the week yet alone. 

These earthquakes do not stop. They continue, because Earth is just as a living creature as humans and animals that live on Earth. At any time, the weather can decide to change without a warning. And can change history. 

By Anastasia Khramova

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