Friday, 7 February 2014

Pregnancy and the Political Debate

When one is married or not married, and the other get's pregnant, it's still a very heated political debate. Majority of politicians are men. Just recently, washington post did a poll review where it hasn't been this clear in 30 years, where polls showed where Democrats or Republicans stood in which direction to vote for with the many issues happening presently in 2014. Such issues that have occurred with the Republican candidate in New Jersey over Hurricane Sandy Funds which raised a lot of eye brows and questions to Federal judges and investigators. 

When one becomes pregnant while married, who has a right to decide whether or not it's illegal or legal to give abortion to a mother. Let's say something happens to the mother where the mother ends to be in an emergency room. There have been cases such as a brain dead mother who has been taken off life support gave birth to twins . An article written by Kristina Jovanoski in daily mail reported that a 31 year old mother suffered a stroke and became brain dead when 15 weeks pregnant. 

By 15 week pregnancy , the mother has gained already around 2. 2 kg and 4.5 kg and the baby only waits around 70g and measures at 91. cm long. At 14 weeks, the baby starts to fully develop his or her features such as parchment-thin skin which starting to cover itself with ultra-fine, downy ( hair ) ( lanugo ) that usually disappears before birth. Then, the tiny eye brows start to shape and form. Your baby can then, grasp, squint , frown and grimace. 

Between weeks of 11 and 13 a nuchal translucency scan is offered by the doctor to get tested for Down Syndrome. 

The 31 year old mother was kept alive on life support when she did not give birth to twins. Unfortunately, at 15 weeks, one of her babies did not survive. Although, in the 27 week, the baby was born that weighted at 3lb ( 1.5kg) and needed respiratory support. When the baby was born , it started kicking and cried a loud cry. 

CNN states that, "The U.S  abortion rate is at its lowest point since 1973. In 2011 , there were fewer than  17 terminations of every 1,000 women. Which was a fall of 13% since 2008. 

And if you are unmarried and are sexually active, you should use protection. Doctors state and educators also claim that a method for birth control must be used if one is not married and is sexually active. 

There are many, many birth control types. Birth control has been an issue since  1950's. Which has been an issue rising since then. Katherine McCormick who was an activist in 1950 who gave her time and money for abortion rights and the problem of birth control. 

Back in 1950 the Church was against birth control who later sanctioned the one approval by the Roman's of the natural use of birth control. 

Democrats state, that because the fetus can live outside the womb, between the first and second trimester, or six months , the woman has a right to chose. In 2000, the Supreme Court has banned the partial birth 
abortions which was a decision made between Stenberg vs Carhart. Republicans are for abortion. 

By Anastasia Khramova

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