Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Say Yes To Your Phone.

When you wonder about technology, and you worry that you might get edicted to it, like facebook, or blogging or anything else like gmail through your blogging. I say, hey, " How's your relationship with your phone doing? How long you have been going out with him/ her? "

Every one says that age doesn't matter. But, does it matter when you're dating your phone? Would some one actually compare your relationship with your boyfriend or your mother , ( chuckles. ) Or would you say that , the author of this article is over exaggerating. I say no. We spend most of our lives on the phone! We sleep next to it. It wakes us up. Then the phone tells you when to text, when to look on your cell phone because you got an e-mail from work or anything else that is catchy.

Cell phones are just any other businesses. But so are dating websites. Hmmm. Facebook. You're always on your facebook. How is a third world country different then a first class country that constantly uses their cell phones?

Is there anything different then a woman who uses an updated phone or a high school girl who just uses the phone to text her friends constantly.

Sex. Sex is an addiction just like cell phone usage. When you use your phone constantly, you could in a way date it. 

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