Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Health awareness

There isn't always enough information about retirement age online or in written books. What if one can't work or is on disability. And now, any one that is with Obamacare health insurance, what is their new status on retirement and what is their age requirements for retired state employees? 

America's Legislative retirement system is much different than let's say, Canada's or another state in the country. PERS stands for, PUblic Employee's Retirement System. There is a handbook that provides a summary description of the benefits of a plan that outlines the rules and regulations governing the plan. 

A member for PERS has access for pension membership and health benefits that a member can access their records. (If applicable) 

There is a website where you can register to. The website The registration instructions are as followed. Help desk can be contacted at  (609) 777-0534.  The e-mail is The office is located in Trenton, NJ. 

The New Jersey's Public Employee's Retirement System ( PERS ) was created on September 2011. And the membership consists of five tiers. And the membership consists of five tiers. 

With NJ PERS retirement age, you must be with age of 55 to start. Have final average salary and have maximum annual allowance. Also, for age sixty, one must have final average salary and a maximum annual allowance with 22 years of service and one will receive 22/55 or 40% of Final Average Salary for a Tier 1 member.  

Obamacare was passed on October 29, 2009 and passed on November 7th, during the 1st session of the 111th Congress. 

What caught my eye is the guaranteed issues such as any pre existing conditions under Obamacare that says, every one must obtain insurance by 2014  or pay a fee. 

With the pre existing conditions will go in to affect with Medicaid & CHIR , Medicare and other insurance that are included to cover pre existing conditions. 

By Anastasia Khramova 

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