Sunday, 2 March 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Japan to review apology made to wartime women: comfort women' (The New York Times):

'Calls intensify for national inquiry into missing, murdered Aboriginal women' (Global News):

'Dove tells women to love their armpits' (The New York Times):

'Who takes more selfies: Women or men?' (CNN):

'Why the Oscars are the 'Super Bowl for women' (WSJ):

'A tech panel of all men, aimed at women. So how did that go?' (Chicago Tribune):

'Ovulation motives women to 'outdo' each other' (The Star):

'Women's brains more resilent to higher levels of genetic defects: study' (CBD):

'Here's how much less women make than men by state, in one map' (Policymic):

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
1 in 5 American Women Experience the Worst of Our Violent Culture (US)

Laws fail to stop violence against women in Turkey

Confusion over Uganda's 'miniskirt ban' leads to public attacks on women

We need to understand victims of domestic violence, not shame them

Mozambique: Punishment for Sexually Raped Children and Women

Maine lawmaker says he regrets comments on rape, gays (US)

Loretta Saunders' tragic death sparks calls for national inquiry (Canada)

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