Monday, 3 March 2014

The Leading Woman

Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA)’s mission is to encourage and support the growth
of women‐owned businesses in Cambodia through collective efforts, providing business services,
networking and building a single voice to relevant stakeholders on issues of common interest.
Its particular interests are: the establishment and maintenance of a business friendly environment and
supporting the competitiveness of women‐owned businesses in Cambodia.
Their Objectives
(a) To represent, express and advance the opinions of CWEA members on matters of common interest
through well researched and argued policy positions.
(b) To liaise with and promote on‐going dialogue and cooperation with the key domestic and
international public and private institutions and other organizations to facilitate business in Cambodia
and the sustainable development of SMEs.
(c) To provide business‐related services for members in order to support the competitiveness and
growth of their businesses: information services, training programs, promotion of products and services.
(d) To provide networking opportunities for members, sharing of information, meetings with
stakeholders and managing industry‐specific awards.
(e) To advance knowledge on women entrepreneurs in Cambodia and develop credible policies and
responses to key issues affecting its members.
(f) To elaborate communication strategies and promotional activities in partnership with all stakeholders
to promote the role of women in business as well as to promote products and services of members.
(g) Promoting a spirit of “Entrepreneurship” among Cambodia’s Women Business Community.

By Kimleang

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