Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Women and leadership

As a woman my self in the United States, legally, we have every single right to work , and do as men do in the states of America. But, when the mention comes to Iran talks, its' a completely different situation and both countries are taking legal actions to help women become better civilians in Iran. 

Back in the Persian Constitutional Revolution in 1905-11 women in Iran played a crucial roll in history of women's rights. During the Pahlavi era ( 1925 - 1979 ) women had freedom. Marriage law is another different topic for Iranian women. 

In Iran, the prenuptial document has been signed in to law back in 1997 and the divorce law's were modified in 1967. 

The roll in Iranian women was and still is very important. Their beauty, their knowledge and their persistence still prides us, and changes history every day. 

In the United States, women have never been President or a top leader in the states.  Although Susan Rice who is the United States National Security Advisor, and Hillary Clinton who is a Senator in New York have made great strides in the political agenda in the American history.

By Anastasia Khramova

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