Thursday, 24 April 2014


By Aastha Kapoor

Watching another person rise in life or office becomes the talk of the town. But in case that successful person is a woman who is reaching heights, not everyone takes it in the right spirit. There are reasons and excuses- that she doesn’t deserve the success; maybe someone is doing favours or maybe she is sleeping with the boss-it could be anything but her abilities or her hard work or her painstaking efforts. In case, the girl has got a pretty face, there is no comeback at all- any pretty girl has to be dumb. Similarly a woman who chooses to continue her job after the birth of her new-born is labelled as a ‘bad mother’. A woman who smokes or drinks alcohol is looked down upon while it is somehow acceptable/okay when done by a man. Likewise a woman boss who is strict to get the work done is authoritative in nature but a man with similar behaviour is displaying leadership qualities. In all scenarios, the parameters of judging a man and a woman are mostly different. In brief, anything at all that doesn’t sync with the conventional methods is wrong and the blame 
game must start.

All the generalisation stamped on a woman’s forehead only speaks of how much work is yet to be done as a society to get rid of the inequality that exists between both the sexes. These stamp holding people are not even the orthodox ones who have had little exposure to the global network and modern outlook towards world. These notions are held by many doctors, engineers, accountants and consultants-in short by everyone who forms a part of our community. Isn’t it sad when a girl eating lunch with her guy friends is frowned upon and labelled as the ultra-modern-type. Unfortunately the “I don’t care” attitude towards such people is also not the solution. The crux of the issue is how quickly and easily does our mind form a negative opinion and insults a woman who is trying to live her life on her own terms and leading a free and independent life. This entire slut shaming and blaming, at some point must stop because it later forms the root of bigger issues. Rape in itself is more than just sexually overpowering a girl; many convicts claim to commit the crime to prove their superiority status over the so-called-weaker gender.  Until both the genders are seen as equals and the psychological mindset of the society is brought in order, there is no moving forward. Just as Albert Einstein rightfully said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”


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