Tuesday, 10 June 2014


A common wall wakes me up every morning. It stands high as a constant reminder of my dreams and aspirations. I glance, I starae, I peep and then sigh! My father fibs that there is nothing good for me on the other side of the wall but I believe that my happiness lies out there. It looks like a gold studded sheet standing tall, calling me out.
I belong to a poor family and my father has to work hard for feeding 4 sisters of mine. He longed for a baby boy but God bestowed him in his own unique way. He is a man of principles which are dictated by society. I don't blame him because this is what he has been seeing all over his life. He always says that I should focus on learning cooking and household chores, this is all a girl needs to know. Ultimately she is only a homemaker. I see my mother working hard every day and according to me she is the best homemaker but she is not JUST A homemaker. She consolidates our home and it is because of her undying efforts that our lives are sustainable. She makes home lively. She is also driving force of our family in terms of financial needs. She not only manages budgetary issues efficiently by cutting down expenses but also adds to monetary balance of the month by mini-tiffin delivery business. I always aspire to be as efficient as she is. She also desires to cross the boundary and send me to other side of the wall. Unfortunately, she is bound by shackles of poverty and mainly society. 
The other side of wall is my dream land of EDUCATION- a school. It belongs to other class of people. I believe it is the answer to my pain and misery but circumstances are against my wishes. Education according to me is a gateway for liberty, open-mindedness and knowledge. According to few friends of mine, "school is the temple of education" to which I don't have access. Every morning I hear voices of students trying to unveil pages of life There are many girls like me who aspire for education but are denied. Free education to all children might not be a sole solution, it needs multilevel approach including redressal of gender norms and values along with community participation.

Written by Dr Aakshi Kalra                               

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