Monday, 25 August 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Nigeria Kidnapping, Malala Shooting Rouses Teens  
Gender Equality Gains Traction with Pacific Island Leaders

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Egyptian cleric says women are allowed to spy on women in the shower' (The Guardian):

'Pregnant women should avoid all tuna: Consumer Reports' (Daily News):

'Women in great jobs still in wrong jobs' (Bloomberg):

'Violence, threats, prompt more Muslim women in Britain to wear a veil' (Reuters):

'James Foley murder: British women vows to become first women to behead western prisoner in Syria' (The Telegraph):

'Women's photo says it all: No sexual freebies with work' (Sinosphere):

'Rules of attraction: What really makes men and women fancy each other?' (Mirror):

'5 women to be honored for efforts in gender equality' (The Des Moines Register):

'Abbott should put more women in a reshuffled cabinet' (The Australian):

'How many more women will it take, asks family of slain teen Tina Fontaine' (The Globe and Mail):

'The real women of Kilimani' (The Nairobian):

'Why more women than men are dying from the Ebola outbreak?' (Yahoo News):

'Plan to make buses safer for women' (IOL News):

Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo
Generación NoMo: La rebelión de las mujeres que no contemplan la maternidad  
Lego monetiza críticas por sexismo 
Yazidi Girls 'Pleading to be Killed' After Rape by Islamic State Militants  La Cepal lanza campaña con VIDEO sobre igualdad de género en redes sociales con el hashtag #ExigeIgualdad  
18 inventos de mujeres que cambiaron el mundo 
The Men Who Hate Feminism: It’s About Equality, Not Domination, And We’re On Your Side  
Mujeres (y gatos) contra el feminismo: 
Las esclavas sexuales del Japón imperial no perdonan 
¿Y las víctimas de Gutiérrez de la Torre?, pregunta la CATWLAC: 

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