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By Ana Isabel
The main reason I chose this topic is because in this page can find something interesting that will make us reflect on what is currently being done by women's rights and gender equality.

Although worth reading the project as it has positive aspects.

To contextualize, explain in summary what the Beijing Platform for Action (taken from their website:

The Beijing Platform for Action: inspiration then and now

The Fourth World Conference on Women held in September 1995, they shared one goal: gender equality and the empowerment of all women, everywhere.

The Platform for Action imagines a world in which all women and girls can exercise their freedoms and choices, and realize all their rights, such as freedom from violence, attend school, participate in decisions and have equal pay for equal work.

"The 20th anniversary of Beijing offers new opportunities to renew ties, revitalize the commitments, strengthen political will and mobilize the public. Everyone has a role to play and is for the common good. There is growing evidence that women's empowerment empowers humanity. For example, economies grow faster, and families are healthier and better educated.

The Beijing Platform for Action, that 20 years later remains geared to the future, provides a focus that brings people together around gender equality and empowerment of women. His promises are necessarily ambitious. But with the passage of time, and the stored energy of the new generations, are at your fingertips”

I wanted to make special emphasis paragraph:


"From celebrities who defend the rights of women to women and men who have achieved remarkable breakthroughs in favor of gender equality, this map shows feature articles, profiles and blogs celebrating Beijing + 20."

 It is a map where you can see what is currently being done for the rights of people, it's a way to make visible the great work you are doing, what bit is bringing to the world.

From anywhere in the world in our daily lives is a person who is fighting for the rights of people, you need to know and recognize the work that makes a difference.

For example if Mtisunge Kachingwe is a 23-year-Malawi who serves as medical at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. - See more at:

Rather than comment on the report, I leave to you the reader / to analyze the information and share what you think, what history has scored the most and why.

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