Friday, 11 May 2012

I love myself

Sometimes we feel like we have no value for each other or for ourselves, and this made us sad people who don´t believe in the good things in life.

If your are feeling like this, this piece could help you find your self-esteem, even if you are passing through difficult times.

What is the meaning of self-esteem?

Basically is when you love yourself, feel good and comfortable with the way you are, feel that you are the Captain of your life, enjoy the challenges of life, and you are prepared to face the life as it comes.

Why is it important to have a positive self-esteem?

  • Because is easy to solve problems or personal issues.
  • It helps to reaffirm your personality.
  • Made you more creative.
  • Give independence to you.
  • Contributes to have easier relationships with others.
  • You know how to make that “things happens” in your life.

When you have no self-esteem you don´t believe in you, you feel guilty, you have fear and don´t trust in people. And off course, you have a difficult life.

Some tips to have a good self-esteem

  • Think about the situations with a calm mind, if you take some time to think, maybe the situation is not as negative as you saw it at the first thought.
  • Don´t punish yourself when you have made a mistake, try to learn from the mistakes and avoid having it occur again.
  • Look the positive side of the situations - even if they are negative face it with optimism and a positive mind. It will help you to take some decisions even if you don´t feel comfortable.
  • Being positive could have a very good influence in our self-esteem and in life.

I challenge you to take the first steep in your change through building good self-esteem. Starting feeling how beautiful and valuable you are, and how important is to have a person like you in the world. Get your best dress and go for a walk to think of all the things that made you important, powerful, creative and good. Be positive and accept yourself as you are, even if you are not perfect or if you have defects, put all your energy in develop yourself, in learn what you want to learn and take control of your life.

Believe me that you are going to have a better life.

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By Claudia Fierro

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