Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Been abused is more than being hit

November 25 was the International Day for the elimination of Violence Against Woman and precisely on that day I realized that you don't need to be hit or raped to be a victim, and I understand this because I heard a man yelling his little baby and I also heard the painful crying of this baby. I actually told my husband: "Poor baby, he didn't deserves this kind of mistreatment he is so tiny and defenseless".

The man was screaming, "be quiet" to the baby very loudly. They are my neighbors in the upper apartment and I could hear him from my place. Of course, the little baby was crying and crying for about two hours.

I actually don't know the situation of this family, and why this father is screaming to the baby, but what I know is that I can feel the pain of the baby for his constant crying. I also know that this is a mistreatment situation from the verbal fights of the couple.

Actually it is a bidirectional mistreatment because is a kind of war about who is screaming higher and who is hurting more. I don't understand how people can accept a life in these conditions, how people can't respect the couple and child and how people can be so offensive.

I don't want a life like this, that's the reason because I'm sharing my experience, this is an alert that every person should thing about. How am I expressing myself in front of my family? How I'm building a healthy relationship with my couple? How is the treatment that I give to my children? Am I acting in the right way or is something that I could fix?

I only wanted to leave this little reflection for every person who loves to have a wonderful family life and don't want to lose it.

By Claudia Fierro

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