Sunday, 30 December 2012

Once a girl, Always a girl

Virginity test is a traditional yet very controversial practice in many countries. It is considered degrading and a violation of human rights by Amnesty International and although it is illegal in many countries, It is still done in African countries as an excuse to prevent AIDS but it's mainly to examine if a girl is still a virgin.

In Iran where Virginity is still a cultural issue right beside Unemployment, inflation and political issues, young women try a risky surgery to regain "Respect" from people who still believe that a woman's grace lies beneath her virginity.

This 30-minute outpatient procedure, called "hymenoplasty" and costing between 1,500 and 3,000 euros ($2,000-$4,000), is increasingly popular among young women of North African descent in France.

Premarital sex among young men is no longer seen as quite out of bounds  in Iran. It is even a trend that gains applause from the Iranian men. Yet for a woman planning to marry, the tradition that she must be a virgin is still upheld.

"A girl's decency is defined on the basis of virginity". A student of mine says in the English class. most of the young classmates agree and the rest of the girls blush. This mixed beliefs always distracts me and I dismiss the class. Why do we have to continue being the victim of others inhumanity.

As a free young woman in this world, I still can't figure out why we should respect the people who don't respect a woman's choice in life. In Iran, there are uncountable stories of girls losing their lives or going behind the bars just because they chose the natural path of sexual freedom and I'm sure the story doesn't finish right here unless we, men and women who want nothing but a better, more free and peaceful world, chance the way we look at things.
The new years resolution: why not giving ourselves a minute and think why we judge people by their sexual choices?

Aren't we born free? Don't we die free? Then, Why can't we live free?

Never judge a girl by her clothes or her lifestyle.

Once a girl, always a girl.

By Elaheh Zohrevandi

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  1. We have to be " Just" in all of our Life. "manism" must be changed to " Humanism" as all of us have same soul and same creation. No any " Huge Differences" in our Lifestyle. so no need " Huge Injustice" between men and women.