Thursday, 31 January 2013

Few lessons of life worth remembering for women

As said, Women are the better halves of men though some are considered as the insignificant halves by few. Here are a few points worth noting by women, to cheer up their hearts. We all know these things but at times we need a reminder about them!

Our lives are full of misery with recurring bouts of joy. Hence, focus on those happy moments. Cherish them and remember them when sad.

 No one is the reason for our pure, true smile other than us, ourselves.

Life is too small to sit silently and bear the pain. Speak out against what bothers you; talk about your desires and make attempts to fulfill them. Make efforts to achieve your goals, but sometimes, do accept what destiny brings. In such a male dominant society as ours it is already difficult for women to flourish… in that case it becomes imperative to stand up and fight for rights and desires.

Your job is to simply live life as it has been bestowed by almighty to everyone. Serve the needy by making their life better. Spread a smile; make sure you are the reason behind other’s smile.

It is absolutely fine to cry as it is not the sign of weakness but a positive sign of letting your pain flow.
Don’t cripple yourself with the shortcomings of the world. Set bigger examples as ideals. Mirabai, Mother Teresa, Cleopetra, Queen Elizabeth, Jane Austen, Helen Keller, Queen Victoria, Rubinstein, Indira Gandhi, J K Rowling to name a few who changed the history.

Make your future secured by investing; don’t be dependent. Make yourself competent enough to lead a sustained life.

At times, resistance is futile… just grab what you want and fly. Never bother your present with the worries of the future and mistakes of past. Take a deep breath when things go wrong and think well. You are the best judge. Be prepared for the worst and then let it come.

Trust God and his ways. If he has given you some pain and moments of grief then he is pretty sure that you can handle them well.

One of the most important rules is: Never be on mute mode when you face any abuse, molestation or exploitation, whether on the personal or professional front. It cannot be tolerated at any cost. We are born free and shall live free.  
Aakshi Kalra

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