Monday, 4 February 2013

Inspired at First stare

I Woke up this morning - Not as early as an average young woman is expected to though - With the first stretch that was followed with a yawn reminding me of how fast I needed to get rid of the sour taste in my mouth, I headed for the bathroom, picked up my brush and was staring at the mirror- perhaps to know when my teeth were clean enough to stop ''torturing'' them with the routine. 

''You don't need a mirror to know when your teeth are clean, that's what your tongue and breath are there for'' I thought. Immediately, it hit me. spending too many seconds staring at a mirror -first thing after saying my prayers- every morning isn't really a good way to act myself into feeling. Neither does it stare up a productive day. 

My first stare every morning should be able to steer the zeal and brains of a ready ''fighter'' 

Rushing back into the room like one chased by a herd of angry cattle on a sallah day, I picked a sheet of A4 size paper and a pen with the goal of making my first stare worth while, here's what I came up with.
  *Your work is hard enough to get you there, your worries are wearing you out but his grace keeps your work profitable and your worries disputable @sight/thought* 
*You don't excel by procrastination, you excel by prompt action* 

*worrying is like solving an algebraic equation by chewing bubble gums* 

*I need not quit when I'm destined to win* 

*I cannot teach anybody to be great. I can only make them think* 

*Failure is caused by lack of intelligence but can be traced to unseriousness/inadequate effort 

*people who never take chances, never forge ahead. I might be a slow walker but I'm definitely not moving backward 

*knowing the good is doing what's good when the good ought not be done. 

Hmmmmm.... That was a sigh of relief. Now my first stares can entertain and 'ginger'(our lagos pidgin English word for "encourage") me to greatness. Borrow a leaf, think of a better way to remind yourself everyday of where you want to be and things you intend to achieve. 

Could be a tiny piece glued to the side of your personal computer, a sign on the door of your wardrobe, or even at the entrance of your house, that way you have a constant reminder.... First thing every morning and as you retire at the end of each day. 
Its a secret that sticks!!!!
Chidinma John-Opara

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