Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Woman - Her Secrets.

She's supposed to take care of her man, the kids and the home: 
She is expected to be strong at delivery and for her family in times of marital/relationship turbulence,misunderstanding or crisis:
She's supposed to be the intercessor,- always praying for him to succeed
She's supposed to support his dreams even when the purpose is not understood.
She's supposed to always put up with his stubborn nature, temper and 'firmness'
She's supposed to be the miracle, gift, keeper and the neck.......

She should understand when 'mistakes' are repeatedly made and help put things back in shape, yet at the slight display of how human she can be, he shows her the door or uses it himself.
How often does he make his shoulder strong enough or available for her to lean on? when will he stop letting his negligence prevent him from seeing the GIRL in her or even treat her as one
When will he start seeking assistance instead of perfection?
When will he really take his time to to appreciate her,
How often does he remind her of how beautiful she is and how blessed he is to have her?
Women are just growing girls who love to be spoilt and loved irrespective of their age.
''Its risky'' some men would say; but show me a great accomplishment that never involved some form of risk and I will show you an 'unaccomplished' fellow.

You never worry of the risks involved in that investment: all you see is the possible gains.
You want to build a mansion but you don't let the risk of possible earthquake stop you
You're working on a business idea but you don't let the thought of failure or loss stop you.
You drive your car and take flights without worrying about accidents or crash.
In pursuit of happiness, the risk of heartbreak/disappointment is worth taking- even near-perfectionists like me have come to understand that.

Hence I dare ask...... Why hold back, if letting someone in has its risky rewards?
To the Men..........It therefore becomes pertinent for me to state that

Don't just ponder over this, ACT on it.

By Chidinma John-Opara

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