Monday, 9 March 2015

prey walking in street.(sexual harassment in Egypt)

I still remember the tears falling from my cousin eyes when she told me how little boys have touched her body strongly while she was walking in dark street she was only 11years old . I remember how it frightened me that I didn’t get out alone without my was sience 12 years
Sexual harassment spreader in Egypt since 2003 and as there was no one fight it even women feel shame to say that she harassed  its increased gradually to reach its peak at 2011.
 Now days .Sexual harassment has scary violent face as since 6 months  huge group of youth stripped lady clothing in Tahrir square and harassed her , lady was rescued hardly and entered hospital in horrible case there were several wounds in her body and vaginal bleeding.
Although there are many Egyptian non- governmental organizations fight sexual harassment like (shoft Tahrosh) , (catch harasser) and (harassment map) it hasn’t real influence as Egyptian police didn’t consider sexual harassment a real crime although Egyptian law have increased its penalty to Life imprison.
The problem is very huge and it seemed to be clueless as little child consider that sexual harassment is sort of having fun and youth justify it aas women be happy when she is harassed and the  victim keep silence as the society always think that she is wrong she wore sexy cloths although most of Egyptian women wear veil.
The only way to stop this horrible phenomenon will be by learning child to respect woman and achieve huge ethics development and making groups of volunteers resist sexual harassment with learning women self defense and increasing role of anti- sexual harassment organizations.
By / Aya A. Alashuah

Sexual harassment in Tahrir square

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