Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Women against Women

By / Aya A. Elashuah
Thanks to Jihad Ibrahim
 (Egyptian  woman in political life)
She must be unemployed! Loser woman!”
It was a conversation between two young girls when they saw a picture of woman who is a candidate for Egyptian parliament.
Sadly, in Egypt, not only men think that woman not qualified for political life but women, too. According to the latest poll, most women won’t elect female candidates for presidency. Although we are in 21st Century, Egyptians still think that the major role of women is only in her home, to raise her kids and that she is not efficient enough to participate in the political life, or be the president or the prime minister

Sadly, the majority female participation in the Egyptian parliament was in 2010 as the government determined a number of seats for women, but unfortunately, this parliament only lasted for two months because of the Egyptian revolution.
I don’t care about men who think that women don’t have enough efficiency for political position but  what make me feel disappoint the situation of women against her sex I didn’t talk about women rights but I want woman think about  herself with a different way! As you are successful at your home and in your job you can be successful too in political life! You are totally different from men in way that if it well used will be benefit you, your society and humanity. So when you be leader you will make real change that no one can do. God will make you change this miserable world.
Finally, I want to tell Arabian women: if you don’t believe that women are good enough for a political life, don’t support women anyway,  don’t despise or fight her.


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