Friday, 3 April 2015

We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

By Ana Isabel



I selected this video because I find it very interesting speech. Invites reflection on how we see the world, about the prejudices we have even some that are hidden but dormant activated in the most unexpected moment. Also at him I feel there is hope, there are people like that in this case contribute their grain of sand, seeking solutions is not only a criticism of the world. In particular I picked him because it gives a real insight into the current situation of African people, especially women, what is "politically correct" to society. Could you comment many details of this powerful speech, such as the linchpin education and the role of parents, but as I say let the person reading this text and ventures to watch the video to analyze it, to think that draw their own conclusions and analysis.

"Gender is not an easy conversation for both men and women, talking about gender, sometimes finds an almost immediate resistance. (...) That's the problem. Many men do not actively think about gender and gender realize and that's part of the problem of gender. Men say that everything is fine now. And many men do nothing to change it. "

Add that it is a matter of men and women, more people, each and every affects us and each of us and we have to do something, to do our bit, because if we focus on blame never finds solutions. Why not join forces to achieve real change? "If I change the world changes" BK

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