Thursday, 2 April 2015


By Ana Isabel

Investigating about gender. Searching, reading and deepening on the subject. I found the following infography. Sometimes we think, what is the current situation in relation to gender equality? Coincidence or causality of life, I found this very interesting infography:

Although we see progress in the comparative data hits see these figures today. Because there is still a significant inequality, more than we imagine or think, there is still much to do. A curious fact I commented recently that in Costa Rica only 30% of women own.

As for infography
* 45% fewer deaths than in 1990, but still 800 women die every day from causes of preventable pregnancy. 800 deaths could be avoided, is a large sum even thinking that could be avoided if the media had.

* Between 1990 and 2010, 200 million people have gained access to clean water. Although there are women who spend a total of 16 million hours a day fetching water in 25 sub-Saharan countries. This figure shocked me. But it got me thinking about the importance of analyzing and adapting. That is, we noted that a draft women walking miles to fetch water. The project was a water well and avoid km. But for them it was the meeting point for communication and exchange. Is key to any project is in line with reality and real needs. Plenty to do but you have to see what is being done, learn from the successes and mistakes

* Still find differences in wages, women earn between 10% and 30% less. What would link with access to management positions, according to this infography represents only 5% of managers and directors. Add to reflect on the comments and social thoughts there when a man agrees to a managerial position and when it does a woman.

* Although gender parity in primary education is getting even find cases as in sub-Saharan Africa in higher education 64 girls per 100 boys. Not only have we tended to look at developing countries, because sometimes they are more developed in other important aspects that "developed" countries. Everywhere there is still work to be done, there are still children who have no access to basic education. We found that 60% of women are illiterate person.

* 1 in 3 women continues to suffer physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner mainly. For me this was one of the figures that impacted me, I believe the number is high, especially if we think of all the measures and actions that have been implemented. Will failing something or really effective actions are being carried out but time is concerned? What do you think?

I leave you to analyze the data, reflect on the figures. At what point do we believe? Are we moving? Have you had enough? What else can you do? ... Reflect

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