Ways you can help!

Are you one of those who’d like to contribute to Delta Women, but find yourself in a quandary without enough means to reach out? Then use :

1. Croudwise

2. Good Search!

Everyone uses the internet for some time each day, and everyone uses search engines for some part of their online activity. Imagine if your search engine helped you contribute towards a cause! That’s exactly what Good Search is all about!

Powered by Yahoo! Search, this website (www.goodsearch.com) works as efficiently as any search engine, and allows you to dedicate money to a cause. So here’s how it works.

Step 1: Go to www.goodsearch.com.

Step 2: Sign up, using Google, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook, or just sign up for a Good Search account.

Step 3: When you sign up, you’ll be asked to pick a cause to contribute towards. Search the list, and pick out Delta Women.

Step 4: Begin using the search engine! For every search you make, you earn a cent for DW! Make sure to type in what you want to search for, and then click on any of the search results. If you do not click on any of the search results, the contribution is not registered.

If you’d like to go further with your contribution, do all your online shopping through GoodShop, which allows part of your payment to contribute towards the cause. It’s a simple endeavour, and does not involve any extra activity on your part!

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