Meet the Team

Elsie Reed
Motivated by the desire to reach out and give back to the community, Elsie Ijorogu-Reed sought to empower the indigenous women of Delta State and support their needs and basic human rights, thus forming Delta Women. Elsie took Delta Women into the blogosphere with the present Blogging endeavour. Under Elsie's aegis, the entire Blogging team comes together from different parts of the world.

Kirthi Jayakumar
Kirthi is a lawyer from Chennai, India. Besides running her own International Law Journal and Consultancy, and dabbling with practice in arbitration, Kirthi is also a Commissioning editor with e-IR, a writer with the Centre for African Affairs and Global Peace, a researcher for OperationOF and an Associate Researcher with Open Briefing. Kirthi has worked with several UN Specialized Agencies, and is currently involved in research with the UNDP, on Afghanistan and the DR Congo. She also moonlights as a freelance journalist. Kirthi  blogs here on her own. She is a UN Volunteer, and loves reading, writing, music and art, and firmly believes that clouds are made of cotton and are fluffy little beds for the Tooth Fairy and her friends. She blogs about women in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and also interviews prominent bloggers, leaders and authors for DeltaWomen. Read Kirthi's posts here

Katherine R Vasquez Tarazona
Originally from  Peru, Katherine is a global citizen. An attorney with a Masters Degree in International Relations, Katherine looks for opportunities to engage with mind-set change and social innovation. Multiculturally driven, she embraces diverse challenges and benefits from them. Fluent in Spanish, English and French, she enjoys writing, photography, traveling and continuous learning experiences. Katherine writes on international affairs for International Passport and Delta Women, where she writes about Women and the Economy. You could find her on twitter as @kvtarazona. Read Katherine's posts here.

Elaheh Zohrevandi
Elaheh Zohrevandi is a 23-year-old literary writer who teaches English and studies Genetics. Elaheh lives in Iran, and has written short fictions mostly on human rights and equality. She blogs for DeltaWomen on Child Marriage, having had firsthand experience in working with child labourers from Afghanistan and Iran. Elaheh enjoys designing, reading, skateboarding and music, and has an imaginary friend called J. D. Salinger. You can find her here on facebook. Read Elaheh's posts here.

Eva Masias
Eva is from Egypt, and is a pharmacist, presently working in a pharmaceutical company. She blogs for DeltaWomen on Domestic Violence, and is a part of the endeavour because she believes in every woman's right to live freely, choose her life partner, have an equal opportunities as men and most of all to be able to express herself the way she wants. Eva loves Reading and Music, and is a a true animal lover. Read Eva's posts here.

Lylin Aguas
Lylin Aguas is from the Philippines, having had an education in Economics. Lylin works in Financial Services, and believes that Deltawomen gives her an opportunity not only to express herself on issues that she find to be very socially relevant but more importantly, provides the forum for her to be a voice to the millions of voiceless who need to be heard.  Firmly believing that we can all make a differenceLylin writes about Education for Women, and about women in India for DeltaWomen. Read Lylin's posts here.

Paola Brigneti
Paola is from Lima, and lives in San Francisco, California. She is a Public Heath professional specialized in Maternal and Child Health, and volunteers with the International Rescue Committee in Oakland, California and volunteer with DeltaWomen in other areas. Paola blogs about women's issues that she feels strongly about. She likes writing about women's health in the global context, and in her own words, basically, anything that lights her fire, she feel compelled to write about. Paola is a hiker and loves going up tall steep mountains, and enjoys drawing, painting, mosaicing and cooking food from all over the world. Paola never reads magazines starting from the front, but always opens them and starts from the last page. Read Paola's posts here.

Brenda Mwale
Brenda is a lawyer, having graduated from the Kenyatta University. She is currently a UN Online Volunteer working with the Centre for African Affairs and Global Peace, London, on Contemporary African issues, and is also part of the UN Online Volunteer Team at Deltawomen, Nigeria, where she focuses on women’s rights and empowerment. In addition, Brenda is an active member of the Kenya Model United Nations. Her interests lie in Human Rights Law, International Law and Transitional Justice. Read Brenda’s posts here.

Kanika Jain Sah
Kanika is from Nainital, India and lives in New York. She did her Bachelors in Computer Engineering from NTU, Singapore and her Masters in Financial Engineering with Carnegie Melon University. Kanika is a finance professional with Citigroup. Kanika believes that every voice can make a difference. She writes about current issues affecting women in developing countries and Women and Finance for DeltaWomen. Kanika loves reading, writing, dancing, traveling and meeting people from different cultures. Kanika loves mountain climbing, and recently climbed Mt. Kota Kinabalu in Borneo, through which she raised funds for an NGO in Nainital. Read Kanika’s posts here.

Sinmisola Ogunyinka
Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is from Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria. She is an author, and blogs about being a total and fulfilled woman, lifestyle and issues of life especially from a woman’s point of view for DeltaWomen. Sinmi enjoys reading and writing and playing scrabble. She has a spontaneous sense of humour, although she thinks she is not very funny. Read Sinmi’s posts here.

Sandra Dyal
Sandra Dyal is a first generation Canadian, her parents are from the West Indies and her great grandparents are from India. She is a Research Technician in a lab that does R&D and smaller scale Vaccine Production, armed with a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology, and an M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, Sandra blogs about stories that are relevant to women for DeltaWomen. She has a list of places that she wants to visit, enjoys reading, writing, music, dancing and learning about different cultures. Sandra realized two of her lifelong dreams a few years ago, when she travelled to Egypt, and when she became a pilot.  Read Sandra's posts here.

Matthew Ariss
Matthew Ariss is a 27 year old awesomenaut from Calgary, Canada. He did his BA in literature, and concentrated on creative writing. When his great novel didn’t magically appear in the first months after graduating he moved to Asia where he currently teaches English to middle school students. Matthew likes reading, video games, and lazy Sundays. His writing tends to concentrate on women’s rights in technology and the interweb. He someday hopes to venture into outer space...and maybe to get around to writing that great novel. Read Matt's posts here.

Ashfaq Ahmed Siyal

Ashfaq serves as the Monitoring officer in an international funding agency for flood affected regions, particularly in the Southern and Northern regions of the Sindh province. When Ashfaq learned that the worst affected are women who lost livelihoods owing to the unavailability of medical access, he learned of the lives of women in rural areas. Ashfaq also writes for national and international Blogs, journals and newspapers. For DeltaWomen, Ashfaq concentrates his writings on Honor Killings, Gender Based Violence, Sexual harassment, Early child Marriage and Child abuse. Read Ashfaq’s posts here.

Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva is from Brasil, São Paulo. She graduated with an MBA in Personnel management. She works as a researcher in an Organization that encourages the practice of volunteering. Her research is about Education and Social Responsibility. Daniela writes about education and personal development, covering topics such as self-knowledge and professional growth. She has a special interest in cinema, cooking and reading, and the ability to mimic some people. “It’s fun, because cause a rapport among people”, she says. Read Daniela’s posts here.

Rebeca Alvarez
Rebeca Alvarez is from Costa Rica, Central America and is a Quality Project Manager. With a background in sociology, ISO, and Project Management, Rebeca blogs about activism, the Arab spring, women topics, sexuality and social reality. She likes to run, practice pilates, play the piano, enjoy a cup of tea with my friends, read and write and voluntarism. Rebeca loves research, and believes that information can provide enough knowledge to change people's actions and improve their environment. She is proactive and loves writing as much as she loves reading! Rebeca is an adventurous girl, and went for a ride on an ATV, and her car skidded. Because of that, she got a broken elbow, and is in treatment, but the funny part is that she is still not willing to quit extreme sports! Read Rebeca’s posts here

Ngoako Jay Morokolo

Ngoako is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and is presently studying BBA, while also functioning as the Independent Editor of Academics and as a part-time English Teacher. He enjoys Reading, Writing, LGBTI Lifestyles, Cricket, Education, Local Politics, Business and Management and Socio-Politics. He believes that he cannot dance, and says “I have tried it too many times and I still dance like a white man!” Read Ngoako’s posts here.

Laura Mckeever

Laura is a Medical Science and Humanities student at Swansea University, the acting secretary for Swansea University's Health and Human Association, and is from the UK. She blogs on FGM, abortion, sexual and reproductive health, and maternal mortality for Deltawomen. Laura enjoys reading, especially early-modern literature and Harlem Renaissance poetry. Laura volunteers on a regular basis with the NHS and most recently has worked on medical outreach projects in Ghana. Laura is a mother to two children and enjoys helping them learn other languages. Read Laura’s posts here.

Doris Gweh
 Doris Gweh is from Yaounde, Cameroon. She was pursuing a masters program in International relations but is currently job hunting due to the program's suspension. Doris blogs on women's issues, especially Gender Based Violence and the psychological impact of discrimination against women. She loves watching TV, especially movies, and does read too, novels and other literature. She like music, all types and eating good food and trying different kinds of cuisine. Doris likes fashion and entertainment and is fashion forward when she can muster the courage. Read Doris' posts here.

William Lynch
Will Lynch is 18 and from San Antonio, Texas. He works as the CEO of a small non-profit called Us. International. Will blogs on the relationship between gender equality and economics, and is really interested in the water crisis and Physics and Economics, in his own words, as he says, “I guess I'm kind of a 'Science Guy.'”. Will worked last year as a Page in the United States Senate. Read Will’s posts here.

Sreejesh Kaipully
Sreejesh is from Thrissur in Kerala, India. He is an Automobile Engineer by profession and works in a Dealership of Maruti Suzuki. He supports Women’s Empowerment, and his chief interests are Automobiles. Sreejesh is always ready to lend a helping hand. Sreejesh enjoys movies, music, cricket and travelling. He loves riding his bike in heavy rain without having a raincoat or a helmet. His mom just hates that! Read Sreejesh’s posts here.

Klaudyna Mikolajczyk
Klaudyna is from Poland, having migrated to the Netherlands for her studies in 2005, where she did her Masters program in International Laws and Contemporary Asian Studies. This made her interested in women's issues, especially women involvement in electoral decision making. Klaudyna is fascinated by other cultures, and her favourite book is Shogun by James Clavell. Klaudyna works as a teacher of the Polish language and as a translator. She is looking to find something more challenging soon. Read her posts here.

Ana Isabel Martínez Molina 
Ana is from Spain,  and is an Arabic Philologist and a current student of the "Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalization" in Denmark. She blogs on international affairs and on the situation of women in Africa and Middle East for Delta Women. Ana loves rock music, learning languages, gathering with friends and travelling. Her dream, apart from becoming a good journalist, is to have a summer house in the Moroccan coast and a donkey. Read Ana’s posts here.

Claudia Lucia Fierro Lopez
Claudia is from Colombia, and is a specialized Social Communicator and Journalist, with a background in Human Development and Strategy Management. She is studying for a postgraduate degree at Barcelona University in Community Management and Social Media. She is working as an independent journalist and a consultant in communications. Claudia looks to blog on motivation and encouraging women to be strong, and loves to write, read, hiking, pass time with her family and friends, travel, and cook.  Read Claudia's posts here

Afifa Faisal
Afifa is a recent graduate of MSc in Gender and Social Policy from London School of Economics. Born and raised in Pakistan, she has lived in four different countries in the last five years and loves exploring other parts of the world as well. As an advocate of women’s rights, she has worked for NGOs in Pakistan, Canada, and United Kingdom, and looks forward to her upcoming move to New York where she hopes to contribute to the gender and development sector. Afifa enjoys reading, writing, watching documentaries, and of course, musicals! Read Afifa's posts here.

Supreet Kaur
Supreet is from Kolkata, India. Having done her LL.M, she works as Technical Officer (Law) at the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority, Government of West Bengal. Supreet is passionate about saving the environment and fighting for women's rights - believing that there is something common between them - that both, the environment and women are neglected outright. Supreet blogs about social threats and ways in which women across the globe champion the cause of women’s emancipation. She enjoys reading and writing, listening to a lot of music and dancing, and loves fairy tales because they make her feel like a princess! Read Supreet’s posts here

Farahnaz Mohammed
Farahnaz is from the tiny island of Jamaica. Having just finished an MA in Spanish and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and now a second language teaching assistant in Hong Kong, Farah blogs on current global events related to women's rights and opinion pieces. She enjoys eating and laughing, travel and reading, but mainly eating and laughing. Farah has seen the Mel Gibson movie 'Signs' 18 times, and still can't bring myself to look at the alien. As she says, "No idea what it looks like. None." Read Farah's posts here.

Natalia Alekseyeva
Natalia is a young lawyer from Estonia, specializing in Human Rights, especially those of women and children. She currently works as a national coordinator of the legal research group, which investigates the protection of children against sexual violence in Europe and I also do a voluntary work for several African NGOs, specializing in the integration of vulnerable and marginalized groups and human development. Natalia generally blogs about the violation of Women's Rights in different fields of life, gender equality and women's empowerment. She enjoys studying foreign languages and world cultures, travelling and yoga. One of the things she would like to do eventually is to live in an old lighthouse! Read Natalia's posts here.

Giselle Pinheiro Arcoverde
Giselle was born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil, until  she became an 
international citizen. She redefined her priorities in life while doing her Masters in International Humanitarian Action. Giselle works as an International legal consultant in Environmental and International Law, is an independent lawyer, a UN volunteer, an aspirant blogger, activist and writer. She blogs on human rights, humanitarian aid, refugees related-matters, minorities rights, gender issues. Giselle enjoys living, travelling, dancing, driving in a highway, reading, music, fashion, and photography. She is completely unable to do one only thing at a time. “Some say I am unsettled, I prefer the word freespirit.” Read Giselle’s posts here.

Gloria Adero
Gloria Adero is from Nairobi Kenya living in Gothenburg Sweden. She has just finished studying for her MBA as well as Swedish and is on the search for a job, while also studying French. Gloria blogs on issues affecting African women of all social, economic and professional backgrounds. She loves to read especially about the history of African countries, and has recently discovered that she likes to write and likes overanalyzing issues! Gloria enjoys reading blogs about natural hair a bit too much and is trying to tone it down a bit! Read Gloria’s Posts here.

Surya Singh
Surya Singh was born in India but grew up in Hitachi, Japan and Los Angeles, USA. She just graduated from the University of Berkeley, California majoring in Integrative Biology focusing in human health sciences and minoring in Public Policy. Surya is set  to start a Master's program at Imperial College, London. Surya loves traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people. Her favorite place so far has been Copenhagen, Denmark where she studied for 6 months last year. Surya tends to giggle at awkward moments. Read Surya’s posts here.

Pavithra Srinath 

Pavithra is a Software Engineer, from Bangalore, India but lives in the USA. Surya blogs on issues such as injustice to women, women achievers and problems faced by women in rural India, for Deltawomen.  Surya is interested in Computer Science, Classical Music, Sanskrit literature, Non Profit, Good Food, Travel, Fantasy, Fiction, Movies, Art and Craft, Philosophy and Hiking. She is a three day monk of many pursuits, and hopes to be a Jack of all trades, and Master of one, someday. Read Pavithra’s posts here.


Dr. Aakshi Kalra

Aakshi is a Dentist and a trainee, working towards her Masters' Degree. She blogs about various issues relating to women with a simple objective of assisting the emancipation of women. Aakshi is from Delhi, and loves to make people smile. She enjoys painting, listening to music and meeting new people and learning new things. Aakshi is a simple fun loving girl with a hint of mischief. Read Aakshi’s posts here.

Birungi Halima 

Birungi is an Administrative assistant at Price and King Certified Public Accountants, and is from Kampala, Uganda. She blogs about women in her community. Birungi enjoys writing, reading all sorts of books, travelling and to discover new things about communities, watching discovery channel and making friends. She says, “I am also like myself, I feel proud of who I am, in tribe, religion and most of all my abilities. I believe that nothing can come between me and achieving my dreams!” She enjoys giving to people in need. Read Birungi’s posts here.

Okechuku Kanu
Okechuku Kanu is from Nigeria. With a background in accounting, media and IT, he has a Masters degree in Information Technology Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC) from Lancaster University, UK.  Okechuku will be trying to give a voice to the everyday issues affecting women in developing countries. He enjoys football, reading widely and writing. He is currently in the fourth month of his most concerted efforts to learn the French language and it’s looking good! As he says, "C'est la vie". Read Okechuku’s posts here.

Tshwetso Kaan
Tshwetso Lorrain Kaan is from Botswana. She is an environmental science student. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, travelling and cooking. Tshwetso also has a lot of interest in progressive development of women and therefore does a lot of voluntary work so women can grow. She believes that her life is a message and therefore should share it, she does that by writing for others. Tshwetso loves to smile, as she has found that there is nothing in her closet or in any store that suits her better than her smile! Read Tshwetso's posts here.

Arjun Tuli
Arjun Tuli is from Chandigarh, India, and lives in New Delhi. He is pursuing his graduation in Electronics and Communication engineering from National Institute of Technology - Delhi. Arjun writes on the social stigmas that women face in India. An avid reader, The New Yorker is Arjun’s favorite magazine, besides which he enjoys politics, pop music, lawn tennis, electronic-gadgets and innovating. Arjun is an engineering student, but is now interning as a journalist. Read Arjun’s posts here.

Rajiv Tewari
Rajiv Tewari is from Bangalore, India. He is a political thinker and social worker, and enjoys reading and studying political thinkers. Rajiv is an ardent fan of Mahatma Gandhi and leads a similar lifestyle, or so he claims [J]. Read Rajiv’s posts here.

Anusmita Baruah
Anusmita lives in London, England. She is a member of the medical profession, as a psychiatrist. Anusmita blogs on empowering women across the world and writes about women’s rights, for Delta Women. Anusmita enjoys reading books, designing, painting and watching movies. “I am a down to earth, easy going person with a great sense of humour and a diverse variety of interests that makes life worth living!” she says. Read Anusmita’s posts here.

Amelia Clements

Amelia is from a small town in Ontario, Canada, but recently moved to the United Kingdom. She is a freelance journalist and an aspiring author. With an Honours Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada she has also worked as a teacher and spent two years teaching in Seoul, South Korea. Amelia blogs about women’s issues for Delta Women and is passionate about issues regarding equality and social justice, and in gender dynamics. She enjoys food, traveling, writing, reading, history, different cultures and amateur photography. Amelia enjoys watching cooking shows and admires Julia Child, although she doesn’t actually like to cook! Read Amelia’s posts here.

Parama Bal 
Parama Bal Mishra is from Kolkata, India, settled in Sydney, Australia. Involved in Public sector and gender based development research, Parama has an educational background in MSSc in Development Studies, MSc. Business Administration and BA (Hons) Business Economics. Parama writes on gender and development issues for Delta Women. Her interests and hobbies are reading, travelling and photography. Parama is scared of anything that crawls on walls. Read Parama’s posts here

Elsie Omubo
Elsie Omubo-Allison is from Grand Bonny in Rivers State in Nigeria. She was a Customer Service Consultant with one of the maiden GSM Operators in the country, and is now a volunteer blogger on Delta Women's Blog, primarily on Women and Children. She enjoys surfing the Internet, watching American movies and soap operas, listening to Music especially R&B and Gospel and loves poetry - of the Maya Angelou kind. Elsie is very, very friendly! Read her posts here.

Nicole Staiger
Nicole grew up in a village in Southern Germany, studied culture and economy at the University of Mannheim and in the San Francisco State University in the United States. Nicole lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. After first working with an NGO that aims at putting an end to the harmful traditional practice FGM/C by cooperating with religious leaders of Islam, she is working as a PR Manager for a firm that represents the rights of privately insured clients in Germany. She is also a freelance translator for English and German, a writer and a UN online volunteer. Nicole writes on women's issues connected to human rights, culture, religion, third world feminism and empowerment. She is interested in American and international minority literature, travelling the world, democratic transitions, music and sports. She also loves learning foreign languages such as Arabic, French and Spanish. Nicole believes that sharing is caring and that the sight of a butterfly brings about happiness. Read Nicole’s posts here.

Juliet Abdeljawad
 Juliet Abdeljawad holds a Masters degree in International Studies with a focus on Human Development, Society and Education.  Currently, she works as a legislative assistant to Oklahoma House of Representatives. Originally from Manhattan, New York, Juliet has a strong interest in International Affairs, Female Empowerment, and American Foreign Policy.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, and walking.  She is a lifetime sister to Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, serves as a board member of the United Nations Association in Oklahoma City, and a Volunteer to the United Nations through Delta Women.  Her publications include: an exploratory study of female empowerment in Egypt and a management micro finance case study. Read Juliet’s posts here

Charles Akhimien
Dr. Charles Immanuel Akhimien is a young medical doctor from Benin City, Nigeria. He is the winner of the World Environment Day 2013 blogging competition and the official blogger for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  A prolific writer, he writes for various organisations. Organising events is his first love however, and he is a social media aficionado. He is also a huge Greek mythology buff, and he thinks that anyone who hasn’t read any book of the Harry Potter series hasn’t lived just yet. He is addicted to Manchester United Football Club, and Athena is his favourite goddess. Read Charles’ posts here.

Nehal Ossama Elsoda
Nehal is from Alexandria, Egypt. She is an event organizer at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and enjoys blogging about women’s problems, dreams and stories that put forth the daily life details of women’s lives. Nehal enjoys reading, travelling and swimming. She is politically bewitched, and is a rain-chocoholic! Read Nehal’s posts here

Chidinma John-Opara

Chidinma is an Economist, a trained Project Manger and a Google Apps Sales Specialist. She is from the Imo state, Nigeria, and resides in Lagos. She writes motivational articles for women, for Delta Women. Chidinma enjoys music, singing and dancing, reading inspiring articles, facilitation and teaching and any activity that involves talking to people. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, except that it is for shoes and perfumes. Read Chidinma’s posts here

Rodrigo Soria del Villar

Rodrigo is a lawyer with experience in litigation and with studies in Human Rights. He is currently in a Masters Program in Corporate Law. From Cochabamba, Bolivia, he writes about women’s issues, especially about violence against women. His interests are languages, music (piano), martial arts (aikido), travelling and reading. Read Rodrigo’s posts here.

Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo

Karol is a 24-year old Consultant in Political and International Affairs from Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds a BA in International Relations and has a vast experience in international conferences and programs endorsed by the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the National Collegiate Conference Association and Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, among other local and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. She also writes for other publications such as Paradiplomacia (Latin America), Crónica Global (México) and The Typewriter International (Australia) on issues related to development and women's human rights. Karol is a Model United Nations veteran, as she has participated in over a dozen conferences sponsored by Harvard University, the United Nations Department of Public Information, the United Nations Association of the United States of America and the United Nations Association of Australia. She is a passionate reader, a human rights advocate and a feminist. You can find her on Twitter @KarolArambula. 

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is originally from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and is currently living Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has worked for provincial government in Canada for the last four years in the human services/social sector. She is currently working towards her degree in Russian Language and Literature and has a passion for animal, gender, and LGBTQ rights. Jennifer enjoys writing about feminist issues and gender equality for Delta Women. Her favourite pastimes include reading, writing and learning languages and has an interest in Slavic and eastern European language and culture. 

Maria Evangelidou

Maria studied International Relations and she holds a Master degree in European Politics. She started her career as Scientific Assistant to a Member of the Hellenic Parliament and then she worked in the European Commission in Italy and Belgium. Maria has a strong interest in Equality and Gender issues. She joined the team in April 2013, with the task to search and identify current news for the blog. She loves travelling, while she enjoys spending her free time with her friends and her beloved dog. 
Nguher Gabrielle Zaki 
Gabrielle is from Benue State of Nigeria and lives in Abuja. Besides having a Bachelor degree in Chemistry, she is a trained Project Manager and presently learning french. She's passionate about the unreached and less privileged children in Africa and also is involved in being a voice to the voiceless as she's presently a UN online volunteer with Delta women blogging on current issues of violence against women. She's adventurous,enjoys travelling, reading, surfing the internet, fashion and her favorite hobby photography. She also loves meeting people from different cultures and trying out new things. About chocolates she says " growing up, we were best friends till i lost a tooth to decay" :(  Can find her on twitter @gabriellezak

Megan Bird
Megan is from Oklahoma, currently living in Dallas, Texas.  She received her Bachelors in Political Science and Masters in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked in public policy, and though she is currently a project coordinator at a sign company, she looks forward to having a future career at a global non-profit. Megan enjoys learning languages, travelling, and blogging about international politics and women’s issues. She is also a huge movie/TV fan. She is currently a UN Online Volunteer with Delta Women, and is enjoying the opportunity to bring awareness to women’s issues around the world.
Bella Nabilla
Bella is from Indonesia, a country located in southeast Asia. Currently busy completing her undergraduate education at one university in Indonesia and busy teaching choir at one high school, she volunteers at local organizations and blogs at Delta Women. She blogs about things that happen to women all over the world, including violence, inspiration and things about other women. She wants to inspire a lot of women around the world to be able to make their own decisions and keep women from violence. Her hobbies are singing, watching movies, reading and listening to music. 

Jotika Chaturvedi
When she is not playing the serious Legal & Compliance Officer [read Cop] in the conventional financial services career, Jotika’s inquisitive, travel loving alter-ego takes over and she begins to write. Strongly opinionated against discrimination she turned to the UN volunteering program as an attempt to make a difference. She constantly works on attaining a self-proclaimed ‘Zen-hood’ at the same time as she deliberates a million ideas in her head. Having travelled and lived across Asia she tells her tales via occasional tweets with slapstick sarcasm and sharing her travelogue in pictures via Instagram on her [self-descriptive] handle- @NewMeIsZen. Read Jotika’s posts here.

Mariana Gouveia Branco

Mariana is currently studying Languages, Literatures and Cultures in Nova University in Lisbon. It is ranked one of the best colleges in the country and she has had the chance to meet great teachers who encouraged her to do what she loves: writing. In the past couple of years she has contributed to a regional newspaper and done some volunteer work in a Historical Archive. Mariana dreams of becoming a journalist and writer in the future and, perhaps, travel around the world spreading through my writing stories on those different cultures I seek. By joining The United Nations and International Amnesty she has just started her dream!

Lindsey S

Lindsey S. lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is very passionate about making positive differences in the world, and is so pleased to be a part of Delta Women United Nations Volunteers. She is grateful, and appreciates the small things in life like the bouquet of green roses on her desk, the pulsing streetlights, and singing with the 5AM morning mailman because life is amazing. Lindsey is compassionate and understanding to everyone, but especially to those who treat her to Nutella sandwiches. She strives to live life to the fullest, and hopes to change the world for the better. 

Ahmed Magdi Youssef

Ahmed is a medical intern at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Egypt. He witnessed the radical changes that affected the Egyptian society in the wake of The Egyptian Revolution of 25 January 2011. Ahmed has achieved excellent grades with honors and will be appointed as a resident in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine Main University Hospital. His dream is to pursue his education in USA, especially at Harvard University. Ahmed is keen on improving the stature of women in Egypt and expresses his opinions through the platform of Delta Women. He believes that sound education is the only tool to construct a strong and healthy society. Ahmed is interested in reading and watching soccer and he is a supporter of Real Madrid C.F.

Anastasia Khramova
A community college student who is majoring in criminal justice, journalism and political science has high interest in international law. She also enjoys writing for her successful blog, and out door activities. Currently, she is working on her first novel and during her free time, she likes to spend her free time with her friends when she's not studying or spending 100% of her time in college. 
Her interest in international criminal law began back in 2012 when President Barack Obama has won his second term as President back in 2012. Since then, the writer has started to write about the President and has reached at least 25,000 readers. The author has started her second blog and has reached over half a million followers