Thursday, 26 January 2012

So you think that's Beauty?

So you think you know what Beauty is? Instead I think we should ask WHAT IS REAL BEAUTY? WHO DETERMINES WHAT REAL BEAUTY IS?

Do you subscribe to the notion that being beautiful means being thin, or having high cheek bones and terribly defined collarbones? Does being beautiful, to you, mean donning skimpy outfits and looking like a million bucks in them? Or does being beautiful mean looking like a plastic doll, decked up in the finest of jewels and clothes?

Get this. 
70% of women get depressed after looking at fashion magazines
A majority of women would give up 5 yrs of their lives to look different
American women spend $40 billion on beauty products and about 2 billion on hair products
Americans spend $10Billion per year on beauty products, and much more if you count personal grooming products. If you focus on core beauty products, such as those at that include cleansers, toners, and moisturizers then the answer is $10Billion. If you focus on over all beauty such as skin care, hair care, etc such as then the answer is much higher.

Asian women pay money to make their eyes look rounder
Accented people use their “Greek status” to describe perfect beauty and use it as a yardstick to measure perfect beauty
African women decide between good hair and bad hair and to them straight hair is good!
Japanese women put steel in their legs to make them look taller because tall is “beautiful”
Most Jordanian women have gone through plastic surgery
Girls starve themselves to death to look like models

And here’s the didactic quotient to all this.

Do women in the world realize what it takes to make those women look good in magazines?
Do they know how many people worked on them to make them look good?
Do they know of the hormone shots that are injected under eyes to make the puffiness go?
Do they know of the duct-tapes that adhere to their bodies to keep clothes in place to make them look perfect?
Or do they know of the use of Photoshop to remove any scars and blemishes in the skin?

So, who decides what perfect beauty is?

Here’s the simple answer.


You, by smiling and being cheerful, are beautiful.
You, by loving, caring and sharing, are beautiful.
You, by doing good, are beautiful.
You, by spreading happiness, are beautiful.
You, by lending a helping hand, are beautiful.
You, by JUST BEING WHO YOU ARE, are beautiful.


  1. More so, people make you feel ugly. They recommend this and that and when it doesn't work, you feel miserable. I have learned to look at myself in the mirror and say, 'goodness, sinmi, you are beautiful.' I believe it regardless of what anyone has to say! Thank you for this eye-opening article.

  2. Thanks so much, Sinmi! The honour is entirely ours- beauty is what we are within and without. It took me 12 years to understand that. People always told me I was too dark, too fat, too "improper". But to hell with them. I am who I am, and I am beautiful!

  3. Looking in magazines and seeing women that look perfect definitely makes us feel ugly but also gives us the motivation to do something about this...
    unfortunately what most women don't know is that the ones that appear in magazines don't look the same in real life because their pictures are Photoshopped or because their make-up is made by professionals that know how to hide all their defects.
    So don't be disappointed if when you see these women because the difference between them and us is not so big and is usually the result of expensive cosmetic procedures.

  4. Aghogho Abavo Omoware26 January 2012 at 15:39

    What an article! For so long the media have put out so many false definitions of what Beauty means. Young beautiful ladies buy into the media deception and falsehood and in the pursuit of "becoming" beautiful go under the knife, starve themselves, and do all manner of pure madness. Thanks for the article; we need more of this awareness in large scale publication. Thanks again!

  5. Wonderful article. Beauty is skin deep. Every woman is beautiful.

  6. Thank you for your comments, Fraxel, Aghogho and Peter!

    Fraxel, that is indeed perfectly put1 We are inherently beautiful creatures, and there is no place for skinny, technically altered women to make us feel inferior!

    Aghogho, Thank you so much for putting in your wonderful thoughts!

    Peter, WELL SAID!

  7. What a great article! Sometimes it feel like whatever you do, you are always told to change who you are. You are always too much of something... But yes, like Kirthi said, we are beautiful! I feel like beauty is more like a state of mind instead of a physical attribute... Allowing your true self and your inner beauty to shine is what really makes as beautiful!!!

  8. This is such an inspiring article, one that women should read to reaffirm our worth. Recognizing our value frees us from the world's terminology of beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The womanhood is the most beautiful in her raw natural form. A fresh plain water dip bath makes the woman more beutiful.

  10. If you think that’s beauty. Read all about it