Thursday, 2 February 2012

Is the Future Female?

"Is the future female?" This was the question posed In an edition of Panorama, which looked at developments in the educational achievements of girls and boys. Girls, it seems, consistently outperform boys at GCSE, A level and university, to the extent that women graduates are now more likely to find a job than men graduates. The disparity is becoming so great that some teachers are demanding that boys be given special attention, to close the widening gap.

So we can see that women have got more capability then men but this men dominated community has always oppressed women,so now we have to empower women. 

We can see in history , all the great things have been achieved with a fight. Taking examples from recent events, from dethrowning of dictators to anti corruption movements , everything requires a fight.Even Women Empowerment would need a fight.

For empowerment of women we need something like this, a FIGHT....a fight against society and all its customs which restrict women not to be equal as men.Women are considered weaker in terms of physical strength then men but it is a fact that fact are far more stronger then men emotionally.A women doesn't breaks easily,a women can take lots of pressure,she can handle work and home same time, may be that's why women prove better then men when it comes to management.

For empowerment of women, it doesn't mean providing reservations and special provisions to women,because that will only create inequality and difference,instead of it just provide an equal opportunity in which there is no partiality . Women now have to fight for equal rights as through equality we can achieve women empowerment eventually.

For women empowerment ,we also need motivation, lots and lots of motivation.Women have been oppressed since long times,now if we have to empower women then have to motivate them in the right way,to make them feel proud, to give them strength to fight against society for equality.In history we can find many examples which can inspire women,like Susan B. Anthony who played a pivotal role in the 19th centurywomen's rights movement to introduce women's suffrage into the United States,or in recent times Kiran Bedi who has inspired many women's in India.Thus we need courageous women's who can lead and inspire other women to give them strength and motivate them and to empower women.

Written for DeltaWomen by Abhinav Rai.

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