Sunday, 19 August 2012

All in the name of love

She stands in front of a mirror and sees ugliness
She sees something worthy of nothing
She swears at herself
Calls herself names, useless, bitch, stupid
All the names she is in fact far from
all in the name of love
She bruises herself
Beats herself up, drags herself on concrete floors
She slaps herself ,pulls herself by her silk hair
Kicks herself, blow to blow on her
Sometimes she breaks a tooth or even a rib
But its ok
Its all in the name of love
She lies on her back and rapes herself
Gets into positions so uncomfortable even a blow up doll wouldn’t manage
She puts it in rhythmically even though it burns her bud
And disguises her sobs with fake mourns
The screams at the end of it all are her conscious
Trying to reach out to her and tell her she brings herself pain
But silly her………… she thinks she came
She walks on roads paved with broken glass barefoot
Exposing her delicate feet to snare of it
She gets unbearable cuts , cuts that no doctor can sew back
Her delicate feet lose their delicacy and become disgustingly distorted
Besides all the pus and blood, she feels immeasurable pain
But she still walks on
All in the name of love
She alienates herself from those who see her
Those who see the beauty in her
Her friends her family
People who truly care for her
They don’t understand she says…….
True……..but its not understanding their after
They only seek to care for her and clean her bruises
Feed her with passion and diligence
Tell her she doesn’t need to be a trick to be loved and noticed
And most importantly tell her……….
That the love she seeks is in her
So if you come across her
Please give her this message for me
Tell her love is kind, love is patient,
Love does not hit you when you didn’t cook dinner
when you disagree with it or don’t want sex that night
Love doesn’t call you stupid bitch or whore
Love doesn’t desert you in the middle of the night to go sleep with another
Love doesn’t expose you to diseases.
Then tell her…………..
Tell her to look at the love she chases so badly
Assess and re-assess it
And ask her if all the things she’s been chasing
Ask her if all she has put through
Are truly……………TRULY
All in the name of love

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