Friday, 17 August 2012


Today my post is about one of the indispensable things in the “dish of our lives”, whose flavor is being missed out by most of us in our day to day lives.  Why are you running every day to work? The answer is simple and obvious. To have money and be financially sound. Go deeper. Why do we need money? The reason, you might say, is to be happy and content. But is that really so? The hidden meaning of my title is the “Happiness” that we are missing out on.
Are we really happy after earning piles of money? Are you fully content with what you have? Or precisely, does getting what you want make you happy? The answer is a big fat NO. Our urge to have more even after achieving what we wanted initially is a hindrance to happiness. I won’t say that we should sit down and just be satisfied without earning - I wish to say that we are ignoring the core factor- happiness! We forget to smile, We bring frustrations home, fight with our loved ones and hurt each other. We sleep with stress in our heads. Everyone has problems and certain issues that trouble their lives. But our work is to overcome these trivial issues and be happy. Problems will always be there and will keep pouring in. Our duty is to let them pour in and flow out like water. We can’t touch the dirty water again so why do we want to hold onto our problems forever? There is always a bag of new problems waiting - learn from your old ones, and let them go. Rise above the mundane and smile. Flaunt your smile and steal the show. Tell the world that you are ready to give a tough fight to anything. Every day, wake up with positive energy and a fighting spirit, be happy so that even problems get shocked by your positivity. Happiness is our birth right. So why not grab it? It even prevents many ailments in our body. A Smile costs nothing, so be generous with it. Spare some time for yourself, energize your inner self and fly high! Make the person you see in the mirror every day, happy and joyful!

Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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