Wednesday, 22 April 2015

At Pro-Life Event, Rand Paul Jabs Hillary Clinton on Women’s Rights

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul came to a pro-life event Thursday in Washington D.C. to talk about abortion.
But instead of just talking about the abortion issue, Paul, the Kentucky senator, decided to widen his remarks to comment on how women are treated around the world.
That gave him the perfect transition to criticize Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
“She’s taking money from a country [Saudi Arabia] that persecutes women,” Paul told the crowd, referencing donations to the Clinton Foundation. “She takes money from the Sultan of Brunei. What do they do in Brunei? If you’re accused of adultery you’re stoned to death, which doesn’t sound very fair, but what makes it even worse is only men are accusing women. Women don’t have the ability to go to court because women aren’t allowed in court; women don’t vote and have no say. So you have something on the books that completely abuses the rights of women and she takes money from the Sultan of Brunei.”
Paul spoke at the Susan B. Anthony List Campaign for Life Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the nation’s capital.
At the summit, Paul alleged the media implores a double standard when it comes to how they treat liberals and conservatives.
“There is a difference in the way conservatives are treated versus liberals, and I say we have to push back,” Paul said.


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