Thursday, 24 November 2016

Life became meaningless with Fibromyalgia

‘‘I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 11 years ago, but my husband does not understand ,he says  that I’m lazy and don’t want to perform any chores .

He finds fault in everything I do. He has not held me for 3 years, I feel lonely and wish for death’’ Those are the words Emma said when I met her at her house crying. She is a mother of 2 She leaves with her husband and has had Fibromyalgia 11 years ago .She is still struggling to live with it as the Doctor told her it’s a lifetime condition. She even refused to take pain killers as she said they were not helping in any way.

Emma suffers alone as most of her friends do not visit her anymore.  No one understands her condition and many say she’s lazy as she has added weight. Many a times she has wished for death to take her. Things became worse for her when she was laid off from work as she could not perform her duties. She would take 3 days a week without going to work. sShe stays in the house all through, when I visited her she had not gone out of her compound for three months.

This is just Emma's story; many individuals who have Fibromyalgia go through so much pain and depression. Things become worse when they realize they cannot perform even the simplest of duties like ironing, cooking, bathing or even doing laundry. Some will push themselves to work until they can’t take it anymore and fall into severe depression. Many people will report having had suicidal thoughts as they are rejected by people who are close to them.

What can we do to help those with this condition?
Let’s understand that it’s not their wish to have this condition. Help them with work when the pain flares.
We can encourage them to exercise by taking them along our morning runs or walks. We can help plan their meals. Visit them and let them know that we care for them. Let’s do all that we can to help ease their pain, lets show them love.

A simple gesture can help ease the pain and improve one’s well-being.

Written by Lilian Wakhule.

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