Sunday, 18 December 2011

India’s Deadliest Secret

Technology can be a gift and a curse!
Later on today, I will be off to the hometown I grew up in; Lagos, Nigeria! I’m pretty excited as I haven’t left London in a long while and it’s also very cold up here too.
Anyways, just before I leave, I thought I should share India’s deadliest secret (actually not really a secret anymore) with those of you who do not know yet.
‘’To call a woman the weaker sex is a libel, it is man’s injustice to women’’ – Mohandas Ghandi
Did you know how much level of hatred female children are exposed to in India?
Do you know how many female children in India get aborted after an UltraSound?
Approximately 1 million females killed every year because of Gender Preference towards male children. Fifty thousand female foetuses are aborted every month in India and a staggering 40 million girls are missing since 1980 due to the negative treatment towards females in India. Indian’s any many other cultures have a history of dowry payment (which is small or large payment of cash from the male/females family to the in-laws before a marriage ceremony can take place). In India’s case, a large sum of money is paid from the female’s family to the males before the ceremony commences. Hence, parents see females as a financial burden to them as dowry payments often lead to families to debt bondages. More interestingly,’ Gendercide’ is not only done by the poor but also the rich have become increasing interested in performing this act for the same reason as the poor. Now in India, for every 300 girls, there are 1000 boys, and women are still seen as having no value to families!

Women are vital as they are needed for the continuity of a man’s lineage! Without a woman, there is no man as every woman was born from a man. So women have a lot of value and should be respected rather than neglected. Technology has been useful in advancing our understanding of nature, but now its usage is becoming corrupt and harmful to lives of many women today! I believe laws should be strongly enforced by the government against all these wrong doings towards India’s mothers of tomorrow.
In case you do not hear from me in a while, Happy festive season and new year in advance!

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