Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mother's Love

Mother is the one word that is the most real portrayal of love in this world, but the story of maternal love is only heard when we were children. Over time and as we mature we begin to forget it. To recall it all follows a mother's love as a source of motivation and inspiration. It is said that in ancient times, in Japan there is a custom of throwing old people into the woods. Those who are impotent are brought to the middle of the dense forest, and their fate is not known anymore.

Once upon a time there was a boy who brought his mother, an old woman, to the forest for disposal. This lady was very old, and could not do anything else. The boy's mother carried on to the middle of the forest. During the trip, the mother broke small branches. After arriving in the middle of the forest, the boy's mother lowered her onto the ground. "Mom, we're here." There was a feeling of sadness in the hearts of the children – somehow, she sensed it.

The mother, with a look of love said: "Son, I'm very loving and loved. Since the time you were very young, I gave you all the affection and love that mothers have with sincerity. Even at this moment, this compassion and love has not diminished. Boy, I did not want you to get lost on the road home. So I broke the branches, so that you can trace your path back." He hugged her tightly and cried. He brought his mother back home, and, took good care until her mother died. Hopefully, the above inspirational story can remind us much love our mother.

Words Quote: Mother’s Love to a child is like water in a river that continues to flow. A child’s love for a mother is as elusive as water in the lake: sometimes moving and stationary.

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Bella Nabilla

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