Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Common Mystery

Ever taken time to wonder/ponder over the mystery of Creation?

How the constructive assembly of bones, joints, veins and arteries isn't enough.
How much blood has to be mixed with water and pumped by a heart to circulate; yet that isn't enough.
How the kidney, liver, bladder, cells, etc still do not make it enough.
A covering-skin was(is still) needed. Again, that doesn't make it enough.

ALL these complex visible parts really need and depend on a seemingly simple  element to function.
A scientist will refer to it as Oxygen(a name derived from the wisdom of God in mankind).  
We call it air (A name we chose for our convenience).
To the Christians, its the BREATH of God in you that makes the assembly of parts relevant.

However we all choose to look at it - from religious, scientific or cosmic standpoint; there’s only one word that makes all the understandings united. one word that summarizes the vast beliefs and one word upon which we all can conveniently agree.

In its absence, man becomes a decaying statue.
That's the Miracle you seek. Its right there staring in your face.
You're here, yet you recognise it not.
Every other miracle depends solely on this one.
Its the Mother of all miracles. Be Grateful for, Cherish and Appreciate it.


A chance to make yesterday right even when tomorrow is unknown/uncertain: An opportunity to make one sad person happy, to reach out to those losing grip of hope, a privilege to be a blessing to the world.

Live it, believe in it, look forward to it for in all, that's the Miracle you need and the key to unlocking others.:)  

By Chidinma John-Opara

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