Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Tragic Story of Three Afghanistan Women

Images of domestic violence almost always wind up putting women as victims. The man seems to have complete control over the lives of a married woman, as reflected in a number of tragic stories in Afghanistan. One and a half years ago, we were struck by the story of Aisha who’s story was appointed as the headline issue of Time Magazine August 9, 2010. She was an Afghan woman, 18 years old. She was made to give up her nose and her ears were cut off by her own husband, as a punishment for having run away from home. This story is a portrait of the Taliban’s atrocities against the people of Afghanistan, especially against women. A tragic story happened a year earlier. At midnight, the Taliban suddenly pounded on the door and ordered the execution and punishment of Aisha who dared to run away from home.The husband immediately executed commands that her ears and nose should be cut off with a knife. No one was concerned with Aisha’s defense. No one cared that she fled because of being treated like a slave by her husband.

A cruel husband’s treatment of a wife was also the case for Sahar Gul. Through a photo released by the Afghan Women's Network, a woman aged 15 years showed traces of blows bruises all over her body. Her mouth could no longer speak. Just to urinate into the toilet was something she could not do. Sahar was tormented because she refused to take to prostitution. That torture was not only by her husband, but also by the in-laws. If Aisha and Sahar still have a chance of survival, it is not so for Stori. A 22-year-old woman from Khanabad, she suffered under agony after abuse from her husband and in-laws. Her life drifted because she was not able to bear children.

These three stories are only one part of the long story of violence against women in Afghanistan. In the second quarter of 2011, Afghanistan's Independent Commission on Human Rights noted 1026 cases of violence against women. While in the previous year amounted to 2,700 cases.

By Bella Nabilla

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